Virtual Kreation E-Business Consulting

About Us

June 11, 2009

Virtual Kreation, Inc. is an Orlando, Florida based corporation that founded in 2001. Initially Virtual Kreation, Inc. provided IT support and web development services under the name Codebox Consulting. After several years of providing IT services to the Central Florida and Orlando region, Virtual Kreation started concentrating more on web-based software development, e-commerce solutions and internet marketing services as it identified a need in the local market for such services.

As time went on, Virtual Kreation, Inc. found that local businesses were lacking competitive knowledge and expertise in the field of Internet Marketing and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Is is at this point that the company decided to focus its efforts and core services to internet marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-per-Click (PPC) and other related internet marketing services.

Virtual Kreation, Inc. was founded by the current company owner and president Roberto Alberdeston. Mr. Alberdeston has been a business consultant for more than 10 years specializing in software development, internet marketing , interactive media and interactive marketing. He holds several degrees, including a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Central Florida and an MBA from The Crummer Graduate School of Business at Rollins College .

Virtual Kreation, Inc. is parent company of the following firms:

  1. – an in-game advertising agency that specializes in utilizing video games as an advertising channel.
  2. Intertnet Cafe Hosting – an Orlando Florida based web hosting company.